Ping’s Dumpling House.

David and I both studied abroad in China during college (Beijing for him and Shanghai for me our Junior year; it’s quite serendipitous because we didn’t know each other at the time). As such, we take pride in knowing what authentic Chinese cooking tastes like and can identify Β the traditional spices and herbs only incorporated in local dishes. Ping’s Dumpling House in the International District surprised us with how “true-to-mainland” the dishes tasted. Whole peppercorns, thick dough, potent vinegar and garlic that sticks to the back of your throat; we were immediately reminded of our times abroad when this style of food was the norm.


Mapo Tofu.


Green onion pancake.


Pork and cabbage dumplings.

Β SavedPicture-20143618032.jpg

Xiao long bao – soup dumplings.


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