I posted a few months back about all the changes happening in Capitol Hill. Despite blocks of new developments that are now up and functional, the pace of destruction and re-construction has not slowed down. In fact, it feels like it’s accelerated. The Capitol Hill I know and love is going to be drastically different within the next five years. The Rhino Room is a new lounge that I’m intrigued by, but haven’t had the time (or good weather) to visit for a drink. The space reminds me of a souped-up diner with wide booths for large parties and shiny new chairs surrounding a huge bar. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday, Emily! I love that we just get each other. Ever since those first looks across the AP World classroom…

Leftover rice to be fried rice.


Take out from Ba Bar on a lazy and rainy Sunday.

Twin fortunes.

New book and coffee during lunch. I love a good mystery and suspense thriller.

Spring is coming.

“Groceries” for the weekend.

Open faced turkey sandwich at Lost Lake. Nothing better than comfort food after work on a Friday.


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