L.A. Diary – The Edison & Sprinkles.

Upon arriving in L.A. and feeling the energy of the city, Emily and I realized we had an exciting night ahead. We stayed with her sister Serena, my name (and so many other awesome things) twin, and Serena’s boyfriend Chris – two wonderfully hospitable hosts and just the most magnetic couple. They made us reservations for dinner, drinks and a show at The Edison, an intricately adorned bar and lounge featuring Burlesque and a beautiful, young scene. Serena describes the decor as “Steampunk,” and after about an hour of explaining to us what exactly “Steampunk” is, I wholeheartedly agree that The Edison is very Steampunk-esque. Burlesque is not popular in Seattle by any means, so having a front row seat to Friday’s show was quite special. We ended the night with an unexpected surprise: a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM experience. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a Cupcake ATM, but there is, and its creation was executed perfectly. Lushes like us need access to a a gourmet, yet convenient midnight cupcake pick me up.


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