One of my favorite lunch spots is the Home Remedy salad bar in Tom Douglas’ Assembly Hall of the Via6 Apartments (quite a mouthful!). In addition to Home Remedy’s perfection of a lunch spot, TanakaSan cooks up some tasty and unique dishes. The idea of Assembly Hall is exactly in the name; it’s a gathering point without restrictive boundaries or walls between the market, cafe, restaurant, and common areas.  Given the layout, there’s no stopping the smell of Tanaka’s kitchen from reaching every corner of the Hall, so I’ve been curious to try it for a while. Kristan and I met for dinner here, and each ordered their specialties: the ramen and coconut beef. Despite some mixed reviews of the place from co-workers, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As always, please excuse the blurry photos – the more romantic the ambiance, the more difficult it is to get good shots for you.

“Tanakasan ramen #3 roasted pork bone broth, koji miso, smoked kielbasa, savoy cabbage, bean sprouts, sesame”

“Caramelized coconut beef steamed jasmine rice, coconut sambal, josh’s mustard greens, crispy shallot”

This dish is a must try!


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