Hair cut.

Dip penning.

His and hers. I don’t care for green onions too much.


Okay, there are way too many Easter egg flavors and variations this holiday. The Cookie Dough Egg is better than I expected; stand by for thoughts on the Wedding Cake Egg.

He likes Fuji Apples and I like Gala. Can you tell which is which? Hint: stripes vs. dots.

One of the first commonalities we bonded over is our secret lust for Hawaiian food. More specifically, Hawaiian food from: average-rated, chain, mom and pop, fast food, etc. Hawaiian restaurants. While the dishes we order probably aren’t entirely authentic, that’s what makes us like it ever more. As I mentioned before, macaroni salad is a guilty pleasure of ours :) Two of our favorites include L&L Hawaiian BBQ and Kauai Family Restaurant.


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