Lobster soup.

My favorite food is soup (seriously, any kind of soup – I love), so we have been jumping at any opportunity to make broth and stock out of leftovers. We saved the “remnants” of David’s lobster dinner, and cooked up a soup with other ingredients we had on hand. My skin is sensitive, and doesn’t respond well to certain types of seafood, so we only made enough for two night’s worth of dinners. Our version included two large lobster heads, enough water to cover the heads in the pot by an inch, ginger, red onions, and hot peppers. The heads are quite potent, so you don’t need to boil them down for terribly long. 45 minutes should do it. Add salt to your liking, and any other additions like fish balls, tofu, cabbage and glass noodles. In the end, we agreed that nothing beats our homemade chicken soup, so we probably won’t go out of our way to make this again. But, hey, it’s nice to know we have options!


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