Li’l Woody’s.

You know those people who don’t say much? And it’s not really that they don’t say much, but it’s just that when they do have something to say, it’s something pretty blunt and abrasive. Well, there is someone like that I work with, and his remarks are usually pointed and sarcastic. So, when he mentioned that Li’l Woody’s of Capitol Hill makes a mean burger, I knew I had to try one.

David and I went for lunch a few weeks ago on our shared day off, and for a weekday afternoon ,the place was pretty crowded. The menu is simple, and includes a “build your own,” option which is almost always my go-to pick at burger places. Prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly. Well, friendly enough; it’s Capitol Hill, after all. My thoughts on the food are below!


View of the kitchen and store front from seats above.

“Self-built” burger with beef patty, fried egg, lettuce and tomato. The patty was a little bit on the salty side, but the eggy buns absorb the juices of the burger well, so the overall flavor is well-balanced. The burger stayed intact from my first to last bite, and didn’t turn to mush, which is a huge plus for me. Honestly, the patty and bread could stand alone, so definitely give the beef burger a try.

David’s black bean burger with added avocado. Although the flavor was there, the black bean patty was too salty and crumbled with each bite.

The french fries  were good, but nothing special. A fellow patron ordered a basket of onion rings that looked delicious, so I’ll be getting those next time. Yes, a there will be a second visit!

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