Chicken soup with glass noodles, napa cabbage, Shitake mushroom and a poached egg.

Easy succotash with orange peppers, frozen peas and corn.

Fresh HONEY ROASTED peanut butter, the most divine and texturally pleasing PB I have ever had.

Pan seared salmon for dinner.

Korean Banchan.

Hot stone bibimbop with kimchi.

Soft tofu stew with pork.

Gourmet Noodle Bowl in the International District makes their noodles fresh and in-house. Each bite is chewy with flavorful, but not doughy in a any way. This place is a must-try for their hot pot and noodles.

Taiwanese oyster pancake. Traditionally, the base is made of potato flour, but this interpretation uses an egg omelet instead.

Wonton noodle soup. Everything about this dish screams “fresh!”.

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