Blogging on a Windows Phone.

From what I have observed in the blogosphere, “blogging” is synonymous with using iPhones and Instagram. So, I thought you might find it interesting to see how I blog with a Window’s Phone. There are certainly a number of applications that are void in the world of Windows Phone, but I have what I need to get by. One valuable quality of my HTC 8X is being able to take what David describes as some of the best camera phone pictures he has seen, and that compliment is kind of a big deal because he works with the mobile phone industry. I am sure there are many apps available that I could use to improve how I blog, but as of right now I am quite content with my humble little system of using the WordPress app and the photo editor that came pre-installed on the phone. I also use WordPress on Chrome for my written content, and formatting; but 95% of my media is taken, edited and uploaded using my 8X.

Welcome to WordPress for Windows Phone.

The main dashboard allows me to view simple statistics such as views by the week, month, quarter or year. And I can add new posts or navigate to drafts and published posts. Often times, I will feel inspired by something I’m doing, snap a few photos, and upload them to a draft post while I’m around the city. This is really just a means for me to get my media content online, as all of my editing and writing takes place on the computer. Although I am able to edit content using the phone app, I avoid this when possible because it is extremely difficult if you’re not well-versed in whatever to call the below:

Again, the application makes it easy to photos, but I don’t use it for tagging, publishing (on the spot), or editing.


The layout is clean and easy to use, but there are some functions that look difficult to navigate if you’re just a beginning at this, and not tech/web-savvy.

Windows Phone “Photo Enhancer.” It’s hardly Instagram, but the Auto Enhance and Contrast filters are the two I use to brighten my photos when needed.

That is my very simple overview, but feel free to ask questions or suggest other tools for Windows Phone and WordPress that you find useful or interesting!


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