I had only heard good things about Capitol Hill’s new addition and Seattle Met Magazine’s 2013 Restaurant of the Year Mamnoon. So, it was about time to give it a good try. Sinae and I went a few weekends ago to check out the fuss, and were quickly hypnotized by the unique flavors and excellent hospitality. All of our dishes were vegetarian, but I left feeling full and my palate content. According to the owners, who were born in Syria, their restaurant is “based on bread.” Need I explain how much I like this place?

Fattoush Salad. Fresh mint and pomegranate make this dish a refreshing counterpart to the below.

Arnabeit makli (fried cauliflower). It tasted like creamy bread and made me reconsider “shared” plates.

Khoudra, the roasted Autumn vegetable plate. The grain on the bottom had the most excellent flavor, and we were shlopping our pieces of bread all in and around this stuff.  Yum, yum, yum.


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