I started off last week feeling quite stressed. We discovered a water leak that infected all of the windows in my unit. My bedroom window (the most important of them all) was so damaged that we even found mold. Living in the city means that privacy is limited, so I always leave my blinds down. This is one of the reasons I hadn’t discovered the water intrusion until it was too late. We spent all night cleaning and scrubbing, and I, on my adrenaline high from this disgusting find, could not get a good night’s sleep. So, I started the week feeling a little “bleh,” and anxiety-ridden – unnecessary anxiety is something about myself that I’m constantly trying to work on. After convincing myself that mold was probably growing everywhere, I scrubbed the windows a second time, and detailed the bathrooms as well. Now I’m left typing with sore fingers and dry hands.

Even so, there’s nothing like a good weekend with friends, family and David to settle my mind.

Enjoy some shots from last weekend.

Friday night drinks with friends at Vito’s on First Hill.

David’s new camera and case,  which I’m coveting.

Cafe Presse for a quick and cheap dinner.

My favorite cookie in Seattle can be found at Nordstrom’s eBar or Cafe.

Beautiful chocolates at Watson Kennedy.

Two Leaves Tea’s Alpine Berry. My favorite tea as of late. Indulge in a cup at Caffe Umbria.


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