Do you have a Netflix subscription? Okay, have you seen “What Maisie Knew”? No? Okay, I suppose that’s acceptable, but you’re going to watch it now that I’ve asked. Right? I think it’s the best movie I have seen in the last year. Previously I mentioned that I am into dark thrillers or period pieces, and this is neither. The movie is based on a novel by the same name, but set in modern day New York City with a contemporary theme. Although it can be as depressing as I imagine the book to read, the overall tone is endearing and hopeful.

So, now I’m hoping you will watch it based on my word and not my attempt, or non-attempt, at summarizing the premise. Trust me! When did I last lead you astray?


Copper Mugs for David from Crate and Barrel. A simpler counterpart to these from Emily.

Stumptown Coffee.

Bella Umbrella in Pike Place Market. Looking for the perfect present for David’s parents.

Flaming Christmas Pudding – an English tradition brought over by David’s sister and brother-in-law.

Wine and crackers with goat cheese and smoked baby clams. A surprisingly DELICIOUS combination suggested by David’s friend Ali.

The clams look extremely unappetizing, but you get over it eventually.

New wine stopper from Kristan’s Euro-travels!


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