I realize it has been a while since I last mentioned work, and I think it’s because I’ve settled in to my role quite nicely. It’s unlike me to discuss work all of the time. Primarily because I put in 110% all day, and expect my nights to be quiet, effortless and Netflix-oriented. However, my confidence as a manager has increased, and my teammates get along as co-workers, but also as friends, which makes me happy. Our company is growing at a fast pace, and this growth directly increases my team’s workload for the next year. Although we just finished out our busy-busy season without much rest, I’m intrigued by the ever-changing opportunities, challenges and successes that 2014 will bring.  Stand by for more updates, but until then, there’s some well-deserved down time to be enjoyed.

Love my city and love my neighborhood.

It’s never as bad as you think.

Swiss chocolates from my love Kristan. So happy you’re home :)

Team lunch catered by Tat’s Delicatessen.

Having a lot of Chinese food lately.

David’s first time trying Fran’s Chocolates caramel with grey sea salt.

Surprisingly, these are only 45 calories a piece. Tiny morsels of heaven.

Shiny pots and pans at Sur La Table.

Look up the next time you’re at Pike Place.

Christmas treat for Jack, the sweetest and most beloved Jack Russell around.


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