Did you survive the gift-giving season? If you’re like me, giving the best gifts is more enjoyable than thinking about what you want in return, but it takes a lot of work. Early in the year, attention must be paid to the proclaimed, man, it’s too expensive‘s and the whispered, I wish I had that‘s. It’s basically the most time-consuming research project I look forward to completing every year. Having moved on to my “late twenties,” I try to focus on thoughtful and meaningful gifts rather than what’s new or popular. And thoughtful gifts are the one’s I remember and cherish most when received. This Christmas, one of my best friends surprised me and David with the sweetest gift; it was just a idea of something I briefly mentioned, but she held on to that idea like most thoughtful people do. We have all been into Moscow Mules lately, and I adore the copper mugs they come in at Sam’s Tavern on Capitol Hill. I mentioned getting a pair for David, but it was really just an idea. In true best friend form, Emily got us each a mug with personalized engraving. Isn’t she the sweetest? I love them. Coincidentally, I got David a pair for Christmas also, but now we have enough for the perfect double date. “Copper mug double date.” How hipster are we?




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