Sweet and sour pork ribs.

We wanted to make something hearty for Thanksgiving, but still Asian “inspired.” After looking through my favorite food blogs, we decided to make Pig Pig’s Corner “Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs.” The end result was a fall-off-the-bone meat dish with rich flavors that satisfy both sweet and savory tastes. See below for photos and little “tweaks” we would like to try next time.

Tweak: half the amount of dark soy sauce and double the rock sugar.

Tweak: Pig Pig’s doesn’t mention this, but we blanched the pork in boiling water for about one minute to rid of the “porky” smell.

Adding the aromatics.

Tweak: The recipe asks to cover all of the meat with water, but I suggest only filling the pot until the 3/4ths of the meat is covered.


It took about four to five hours for all of the water to cook down into a sauce, and given the tenderness of the meat, I think the end result could have been accomplished with less water and an hour’s less cooking time.


Still simmering, about three and a half hours in.

Simple and delicious.


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