More birthday eats.

A late recap of more birthday weekend eats.

Passion fruit cream filled Double Happiness and Mini Double Happiness from Ba Bar.

Pastries and coffee for breakfast. Rather, dessert and coffee for breakfast.

Close up look.

Leftover chocolate cake. And I seriously mean there was a leftover cake. We had about 1/7th of the thing on my actual birthday, and I’ve been doing my best to take the rest of it down with minimal help.

Takeout from 663 Bistro Sunday night.

After watching mall patrons eagerly line up at Cinnabon, we decided to indulge our curiosity and get one. This was my first Cinnabon experience during adulthood, as I’ve nearly forgotten the shenanigans and poor diet choices of adolescence. The roll was under cooked and sweetened to the point of our disgust. Incidentally, the curiosity was David’s, not mine.

Taiwanese A-Cai from Rocking Wok, an awesome Taiwanese restaurant that’s tucked away in the suburbs of Wallingford.

Hand shaven fried noodles.


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