Egg scramble.

Eggs. I love eggs. For the last two years, my “get off a bad eating track” meal has been an egg white dinner scramble with a side of avocado. Thousands of never-will-be-chicks have perished along my journey to perfect the scramble, and I’ve likely tried every unique vegetable combination available. Adding a side of avocado will increase the fat content of the dish, but avocado is the Gatorade of thirst quenchers; my thirst being for carbohydrates, of course. If you’re looking for a meal that’s quick, fresh and calorically acceptable by my standards, then give scrambles a try.

For two servings: use two whole eggs, one egg white, and a third cup of Wilcox Farms Egg Whites (this is my go-to brand, it’s the most natural tasting and feeling. Feeling. Texture will make or break you, egg substitutes.).

Pan fry some slivers of chicken sausage with garlic and olive oil.


Cut of vegetables of your choice into dime size pieces. Harder vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower taste better if they’ve been roasted first with salt and pepper.


Season and saute everything together until soft and all juices have evaporated.


Create a hole in the middle of your mix and crack two eggs, one egg white and add your egg white substitute. I know it sounds complicated, but it’s perfect.




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