Malay Satay.

Malay Satay is a restaurant that I had heard about, but never felt compelled to try. Well, I finally did it and I have to say, this is one of those “dream-worthy” restaurants. The one’s where you go once, and every day afterwards you find yourself fantasizing about all the other things you saw people order and the next meal you’re going to have there. Unfortunately, there was a pretty major slip up on the part of Malay that didn’t ruin the experience, but definitely left us wanting more. The server brought out the wrong noodle dish, and we didn’t have the courage to suggest a correction. Nevertheless, we ate everything (e-ver-y-thing), and it was one of very few occasions that have left me utterly useless afterwards. All we could do for the rest of the night was bask in the effects of our gluttony over some good Netflix streaming.


Roti Canai.


Kang Kung Belachan.


Seafood Scramble Egg Chow Fun.


Sweet black rice dessert with coconut milk.


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