Manhattan on Capitol Hill has a great deal where brunch items are half off if you sit down between 10AM and 11AM on Saturday or Sunday. It’s been this way for at least the last half of the year, so I’m hoping it still stands by the time you get to go for brunch. Brunch prices, for what you get, are typically on the medium to high end at Manhattan, so the opportunity to enjoy such a deal is quite an occasion. Our dishes were classic and good, but worth much more than what we paid (the bill for everything below was about $24). Would we go for brunch during “non-deal” hours? Maybe, probably not. Can Manhattan lower their prices and just make the deal a permanent thing? I’m guessing, no. So for now, between the hours of 10AM and 11AM, all is right and good in the world.

Breakfast classics dish with sides of bacon and kale. Half off $12.

Steak house scramble. Half off $16.

Convenient self-check out system that allows you to quickly pay, split checks, leave reviews, etc.


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