Originally, a visit to Jiaoxi/Yilan (my mother’s hometown) wasn’t one of our “must do’s” but definitely a “should do” that we ended up getting to “do.” When I was younger, we always made mini-vacations of our limited days in Yilan, so this place holds some very happy memories from my childhood.

Yilan is set amid the country side of East Taiwan. Locals operate at a comfortable pace and are too hospitable for my own good – after a day of foot soaking, sight seeing and eating in quantities that I didn’t believe were possible, all I wanted to do was nap and then eat some more. Yilan is always a “must do,” Serena. Don’t forget.

A bus from Taipei’s Technology Building MRT station gets you here quickly.  Now the option of traveling through Taiwan’s longest tunnel (about eight miles) cuts the travel time from two hours down to only a half, so a day trip is more than feasible.


Fresh fruit and tea after a heavy lunch.

Public foot bath park.

Wedding shoot.

To be delicious oranges.

My favorite fruit: Lian Wu.

Yilan San Qing Temple.


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