Isn’t she lovely? I forgot to mention that our motivation for taking this trip in the fall was to attend my cousin Debbie’s wedding in Taipei. Her wedding was especially exciting for me because I was able to participant in the traditional Tea Ceremony that took place before the wedding. Red qipao, gold jewels, dainty tea cups and many, many thank you’s to the mother and father of the bride; all details of a tradition you don’t see in the states. The wedding and reception was extravagant and every accessory thoughtfully planned. The bride has excellent taste, so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Below are a few little details from the reception. Darling, right?


Polaroid cards for guests.

Her beloved bunny.

Shots from their wedding photo shoot. The most creative and beautiful photos I have ever seen for a wedding. Seriously.

Tins of ornate cookies for the guests.

The reception. Grand.


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