Taipei 101.

We weren’t able to escape late typhoon season during our time in Taipei, so most of the pictures of this trip are adorned with the haze of overcast skies. After finding out we potentially had a full day of dry-to-nice-weather, we quickly ventured out to a few sites that were best enjoyed under clear skies. One of these sites was Taipei 101 – the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan, and was tallest in the world from 2004 to 2010. As some Laze of days frequenters may notice, I have a thing for skylines, tall buildings and their views. So, I am officially featuring a third observation deck post for those who might have a similar fascination.

Having only a few hours available for our visit, we opted to pay double the price of a normal ticket for the fast pass – allowing us to skip any and all elevator lines, which saved us about an hour’s time (the cost was about $33 a person vs. $17 for a normal ticket). As you peruse the pictures below, notice the aesthetic glow of streets glimmering alive during rush hour, and the strict contrast between Taipei’s lush mountains and the urban developments built around them with reverence.

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