One of the things David wanted to do was take a train in Taiwan. So, we decided to take a two day trip to Tainan – the oldest city in Taiwan. near its southern tip. Having just endured a 13+ hour flight from Seattle, we opted for the High Speed Rail versus the normal Taiwanese train; saving us quite a few hours of travel time. Tainan is famous for its street eats as well as its history due to a period of Dutch rule on Taiwan. Per usual, we did a lot of walking, exploring and eating, despite it being much too hot for my taste. We’re talking humidity and highs of 85 – 90.

We stayed at the Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan, and it was one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed at. This place is definitely worth a splurge if you plan to visit.

Pack of stray pups.


An Ping.


What we ate:

Tainan is famous for its shrimp and fish cakes as well as Dou Hua. A Chinese soft tofu dessert.


Fish cake.


Rice noodles with meat sauce.


Dou Hua with sweet green bean.


Tainan’s famous shrimp rolls.


Savory oyster pancake.


Glutinous rice dumplings with shrimp and pork.


Hotel’s pastry table at breakfast.


Miniature Shen Jian Bao (pan fried buns).


Taiwanese breakfast staples. Featuring lots of carbs and egg.


Fried noodles with fresh eel. The eel was a bit too adventurous for me.


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