Taiwan finds.

Just a few things I picked up in Taiwan. Don’t expect anything too “traditional.” I err on the side of practical. However,  the Asian girl in me did come out in a few items.

Shiny new gold and coral necklace.

Asian skincare products for my dry skin.

Pretty prints of a new dress, shirt and something in between a dress and a shirt that will likely be worn as a dress :)


We saw this stuffed animal everywhere, and after a few attempts at grabbing one in those toy claw machines (that are much more frustrating than actually fun) David said if we found slippers, he’d have to get them for me. Of course, we found slippers. And he got them for me.

Some of his finds.

Key chain from a woman we met while getting traditional foot “massages.” More like foot MASH-ages. Am I right? Har har har.

He glows.

Cell phone pouch to pay homage to my love of French Bulldogs. And.. to protect my phone because this is seriously the fourth of it’s exact kind I’ve had within a year.


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