Do you remember Von’s? It was located near 7th Avenue and Pine Street downtown. You know, the restaurant with a confused menu and “The-Price-Is-Right”-Esque wheel at the bar for drink specials. It was definitely a hot spot for happy hours and business travelers, but I couldn’t understand why. Personally, I didn’t like the food or the ambiance. A few months ago, Von’s reopened on 1st Avenue and University Street as Von’s 1000Spirits. A “Gustobistro” is what they call themselves now. We ducked in for lunch on a rainy day, and I do have to admit that escaping the rain had a huge part in why we tried the place. The food is good, good enough to warrant a second visit. However, the service and staff was strange. The interactions among servers and with cooks was not very professional. And the service had high moments and low moments, but was not consistent in any way. I am not sure if I would necessarily recommend the place, but I can see it being awesome for drinks if you have time for shoddy service. Hm.

Goat cheese and beet salad.

Sourdough pizza: Prosciutto and mixed greens. The dough was delicious.

Fresh wild cod salad.


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