Last night of summer.

I can’t believe it’s been three months since Summer Solstice. We took a train to Portland on June 21st and watched that eternal day stretch across the sky. As sad as I am to accept that Summer came and went, it is exciting to see what lazy adventures are in store this Fall. Probably the most exciting thing will be sleeping under covers upon covers. I have a strange habit of needing to have my face under covers and blankets when I sleep. So, super hot Summer nights are soon to be replaced with cozy nights in bed with my mountain of blankets. I’m smiling just thinking about it. I hope you all enjoyed the last night of Summer!

Beautiful moon and enchanting lights.

High 5 Pie on Capitol Hill for dessert.



The Marionberry pie was seriously out of control. I don’t eat a lot of pie, so maybe I don’t have the most exquisite taste, but this slice of pie was so, so delicious!

Apologies for the fuzzy photos lately. My camera does not produce the best pictures in dark settings.


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