We are in Taiwan! As I’m living up some seriously exciting and blog-worthy experiences, please enjoy some shots of what I was up to a few weeks back.

I don’t need to do anything that exciting on weekends, but these precious days do need to include  a few “elements of happiness.” Those elements being: food (brunch, if possible), coffee, walks and the discovery of something new. Please, read on….

Brunch at Barrio. You all know I love Barrio for dinner and drinks, but their brunch was something else. The menu includes dishes unique to Barrio’s Mexican influence, and our orders were executed perfectly.

I knew it was going to be a good brunch when they dropped off chips and salsa at our table. Who eats chips and salsa before noon? I do. And now I can do it at Barrio.

“Gringo Breakfast two eggs any style, housemade chorizo bacon, fried potatoes, fresh tomato salsa and corn tortillas.”

“Vegetable & Egg Cazuela scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, portabello mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach and corn crema served with fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, papas bravas and housemade tortillas to build your own tacos.”


After brunch, I met Sinae for one of our girl-lover-dates at Cherry St. and shared updates over their delicious raspberry and lemon bars. It was a quick date because I had to make my hair appointment – I cut off six inches. Like I said before, I’m never satisfied with the state of my hair for more than three months at a time. My hair hasn’t been this short since 2010, but it is a refreshing change. Like I told David, I can’t be a long haired goddess forever (…). We headed toward Pioneer Square to run some errands, but stopped at Rocky Mountain for a caramel apple. The above is their “Apple Pie Apple,” (yes, that last “apple” is necessary to the name), and it was amazing. I’ve never been a fan of caramel apples, but this experience just adds to my list of vices; 99% of said vices are desserts.

Coffee at Caffe Umbria.

His and hers.

Last glimpse of the leaves before fall.

Chic magazine stand.


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