Fried Chicken Sammy from Skillet. THIS is the reason why I can’t follow a strict diet.

Fresh Rolls from Chillies Paste in Fremont. After too many outrageous college (and some post college) nights in this neighborhood, I hardly visit Fremont anymore. But after some good Thai food and a nice post-meal walk, this place is growing on me.

Phad Woon Sen with pork.


Salmon Panang Curry. This is the BEST Panang curry I have ever had. It’s a must try.


Cabbage and Chicken salad garnished with little bursts of savory flavor (basil, fried shallots, red onions, peanuts).

Catfish Vermicelli Bowl from Ba Bar.

Beef Pho. Although I had my heart set on the duck confit noodle soup, which they ran out of, this was the BEST beef broth I have ever had. Please try.


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