I can haz croughnut? Okay, I will haz croughnut.

If you don’t get the reference, please disregard the above…

Finally, this has been had, and it was amazing! Unfortunately, last weekend was the final time “for a while” that Ba Bar would be serving croughnuts. Their reasoning? “Training issues with staff.”  I’m not sure what to make of that, but I’m just thrilled we were able to taste these treasures before the hiatus. How was it? Um, awesome. The first bite was like an explosion on sugar, soft dough and oil in my mouth. These croughnuts are a little more intense than I imagined them to be, but all in all, the experience of FINALLY getting to taste a croughnut was euphoric. I don’t think I’ll be having more any time soon (not by choice), but a Top Pot just opened in the neighborhood, so doughnuts will have to do for now.

Until the next pastry trend…

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