Von Trapp’s.

Von Trapp’s, one of the newest, and probably most successful, additions to the 12th avenue neighborhood. If you’ve driven by on a Friday or Saturday night and seen what appears to be the line for a Spice Girls reunion tour, that is actually just the line for Von Trapp’s. My past experiences there were for private events, so waiting was not an issue, but I couldn’t figure out why there was such an impossible line at all. I’m not a huge beer drinker (actually, I’m just not a beer drinker), and I’m over the age of 22, so the place never really pushed any happy buttons for me. It wasn’t until a company sponsored happy hour event that I had the opportunity to taste the good food and appreciate the labor and care that went into its design.

On a whim, and upon seeing there was no line.. we decided to go there for lunch. We were actually the only people there for a quick moment, and able to (quite literally) see this place in a new light. The food was good, and the atmosphere is enjoyably unique for the area. I think I shall return for drinks, and maybe even queue up if need be.



Pretzel bites with spicy honey mustard.

Pork Schnitzel (“celery root & gherkin pickle slaw / dijonaise / house made pretzel bun / fries”)


German Chop Salad (“romaine/Sheboygan summer sausage/hard boiled egg/tomato/Beecher’s Cheddar cheese/pretzel croutons/Green Goddess dressing”)




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