Where to?

…We’re going to Taiwan! One of my closest cousins is getting married this fall, and it has been over two years since my last visit, so this trip is coming at the perfect time. In an effort to prepare, I have been trying to watch my eating. I can see it now, 24 hour grazing on Taiwanese street food – this is why I’m working on creating a pretty hefty calorie deficit before I get there :)

If you are interested in trying Taiwanese food, the restaurants below are some of my favorites:

  1. Facing East 
  2. Little Taipei 
  3. Yea’s Wok
  4. Rocking Wok

Of course, there will be more than just eating. Other activities we have planned include:

  1. Cable car rides
  2. Train rides – both high speed and leisure paced
  3. Night markets
  4. Hot springs
  5. Shrimp fishing (yes, for shrimp), and more!

Metsker Maps in Pike Place Market. Your #1 stop for anything map, globe, travel-oriented.


Ork Map Posters.


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