Assembly lunch.

If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods during lunch hour, you know two things: 1) the salad/hot bar selection is insanely good, but 2) the lines are just insane. In an effort to spend more of my lunch hour on myself, and less time in a crowded line, I have been frequenting the Home Remedy salad bar at Assembly Hall. The lines here are basically non-existent (this gem is yet to be discovered by other 8-5ers like me), and the food is fresh, well-made and oddly affordable (my lunch bowls below cost less than $5 on each of my visits). Some more interesting ingredients I like that they use in their cold salads include: fennel, beets, cous cous and Chinese eggplant. Per Tom Douglas’ influence, I’m sure, Home Remedy also sells snacks and beverages that are usually only found in ethnic food stores of the International District like my favorite Shrimp chips! On typical work days, I usually try to bring lunch and eat it at my desk; so, eating by myself in public is another thing I’m trying to get used to and better about doing. The quiet upstairs of Assembly Hall is still pretty low key and tucked away from the typical lunch crowd. It’s the perfect place for me to work on “eating alone.”

Amazon employees of South Lake Union stake out almost every lunch spot in this area, so let’s keep this place between you and me.


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