Emily and I went to the Gilt City Warehouse Sale when it was in town, and it was exactly what I expected: a sale in a pseudo-warehouse. To give the event space credit, 415 Westlake is beautiful with its exposed hardware, high ceilings and abundance of natural lighting, but the sale itself was quite the rummage. It took a lot more digging and sorting than we anticipated, but there were some great finds. Emily found a navy blue Kate Spade dress for $99, and I happened upon some comfortable Bloch flats (my absolute go-to for flats) for only $39. On top of those steals, the event was staffed by amazingly nice people who really made the experience for me.


  • Don’t go if you need to try things on.
  • Be polite, but not a pushover.
  • Expect that 50% of the items are defective, but know how to make it work.
  • Bring water.
  • Don’t go if you’re afraid of too much human contact or tight spaces.
  • Expect that most designer items will still be $200+.
  • Don’t go expecting to find something specific you saw online.
  • Know that it will all be worth it!



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