This tiny little antique shop was the perfect find for our walk through Capitol Hill. B and W Antiques is located on 12th Avenue and Pike Street; you can’t miss it. Well, that is, unless you’re me. I have lived in this neighborhood for four years now, and just discovered this shop on its last legs. I am not sure what the reason is, but B and W is closing, and everything is going at crazy cheap prices.

I remember when I was younger and “antiques” were truly that, antiquated furniture with a questionable smell, or grandfather clocks hot off of an estate sale. Now, I find that neighborhood antique shops are seeking out items that I would consider “vintage” more than anything. One day I’ll find the courage to make some purchases and even rehabilitate a chair or two, but for now, I’m simply an antiques window shopper. Perhaps if you’d come over for tea more often, I could splurge on some nice cups.

Tea cups and saucers for $5.

For potions and perfume.

Like I said, vintage is the new antique.



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