Mercer Slough.

The day started with lunch at Cherry St. Coffee House, a standing favorite of ours. Over a plate of falafel and tuna salads, we decided we should head to the Eastside for some “trail walking.” And so we did.

Aah, the Mercer Slough. The perfect culmination of nature, wetlands, and “wildlife” for a city person like me to really  rough it. That said, it was rough. We chose to walk from one end to the other by way of trails, mulch, and bridges; affording me the chance to come face to face with one of my aforementioned fears. There were slugs. Yes, but I think my terrifying aversion to these molluscs was downplayed by my willingness to search for a snake or two in the brush with David. It was a great afternoon of nature hiking, especially when the terrain I’ve become accustomed to is pavement, carpet and hardwood. And the greatest thing about this place is that you won’t forget your experience too soon! Nope! I’ve had swollen bug bites for days to kindly remind me of our pleasant visit.



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