Currently noshing.

This is probably the most inappropriate story to complement these pictures, but I need to vent. We have been trying to cook more, and it’s been great. Meals are healthier, cheaper and cooked consciously. However, we still have our “occasional” meals out (per my dining posts). Vegetables are vegetables, and I’m definitely not a grocery snob, but tonight’s incident might have changed my thoughts on this, for good. To me, cabbage is one of those fail-safe vegetables. The quality is comparable at most stores, and it’s generally pretty fresh during any season. So, that’s that on quality. Let’s talk bugs. As I was cutting into a head of cabbage, I noticed a browned piece of cabbage that fell onto the counter. Thinking nothing of it, I tried to pick it up for disposal. That’s when I realized browned cabbage shouldn’t feel slimy, nor should it immediately stretch out it’s optical tentacles and start squirming. Oh, right, that’s because IT WAS A SLUG. I have some pretty interesting stories involving slugs (and bugs) that I can’t really go into right now, but just know that this has been a traumatizing experience. It looks like I’ll be having cookies for dinner tonight. I mean, I have no choice, right?

If anyone’s interested. The slug is currently trapped under a shot glass until we can figure out how to get it outside. Why wouldn’t I just kill it? Am I a humanitarian? I won’t answer that, but just know that my having to kill a slug would really push me over the edge right now.



Soondubu Jjigae. My favorite.


Singapore Chao Fun.


Walnut Prawns.

Homemade Japchae and cabbage with pork. Cabbage.. cringe.

Chicken and more cabbage.

More banchan.

Spanish Mackerel.

Pork loin and vegetables.


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