Not to sound like a broken record player, but work is busy, busy. In an effort to work a reasonable amount of hours, I try to accomplish much more than I realistically have time for, and end up going about my day in a fluster. Despite the pace of these days, it’s nice to stop and reflect on how productive and useful I feel when I leave work everyday. It’s a feeling that trumps any extra minutes of sleep I could squeeze in, or extra hours of lunch I could spend mindlessly shopping downtown. Now, more than ever, I really try and enjoy my weekends for what the are – days filled with opportunities to do what I’ve dreamed about all week. Currently dreaming of: sleep, netflix, watching The Conjuring. Well, not actually “dreaming” about The Conjuring, but I’ve been wanting to see it so badly David and I made a date of it. The movie was good, but not as scary as I thought it would be (thankfully, as I made a promise that I wouldn’t close my eyes during any of it).

Coffee and flowers at Assembly Hall Juice & Coffee.

Reading the WSJ. Well, just looking at pictures while waiting for brunch.

New friends.

Unicorn on Capitol Hill.

Flowers outside of Kafe Berlin on First Hill.


Rainier season.

Weather as of late.


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