Back to school.

Last weekend, we took a trip to my alma mater, the University of Washington. I am a little embarrassed to say that the last time I set foot on campus was in 2009. Specifically, the day that I graduated. Four years didn’t seem like too long of a time until this visit. David and I took a leisurely stroll through the Greek system, where I pointed out my sorority and the places I would frequent. We ventured through a trail that I took to class every day, where I explained all of the memorable nuances of this walk, and then – BAM, there it was. Or, was not. My business school had been torn down and replaced with probably the most beautiful undergraduate facility I have seen on campus, ever. I tried to reminisce, but when the area has completely changed, it is difficult to invoke fond memories. Nevertheless, we all knew this was coming. Especially when the old facility and its resemblance to a 70’s high school building was on its last legs as I graduated. I am just a little jealous that the bathrooms in this new building probably have something better than pink powdered soap.

After reaching the heart of campus, we sat on a bench watching some fraternal brethren long board around Red Square. That was when I realized this was the first time I can remember ever stopping to just observe, sit and take things in. I can’t recall any other time that I stopped for a moment to really soak in the experience and the campus. UW is such a beautiful place, so this realization stuck with me. It was actually a little emotional. All until I saw some summer students saunter through the heat with their heavy backpacks and even heavier years ahead of them. That’s when I thought, “thank god I’m not in school anymore.”


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