Lola serves one of my favorite brunch dishes, ever. I don’t get around to enjoying it as much as I would like because eating something for every meal, everyday is a bit excessive and just not socially acceptable. We finally got around to heading there for brunch last weekend, and the aforementioned favorite brunch dish was even better than I remembered. To top that off, we tried the made to order doughnuts that are Giada’s Best (fried) Thing I Ever Ate as well as mine. Okay, well, I’ve had a lot of fried things and I love them all, but these were pretty amazing.


Lola is connected to Hotel Ändra downtown, which kindly offers its lobby for diners waiting for a table.


Made to Order Doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone.

Eggs Benedict with Bavarian meats ham, dill hollandaise and their yummy smashed garlic fried potatoes.

Drum roll.. one of my favorite brunch dishes is Tom’s Big Breakfast with mediterranean octopus, sugar snap peas, corn, bacon, cilantro, sweet onions, mint yogurt, sunny egg and toast! The octopus on this occasion was the best we’ve ever had.


One thought on “Lola.

  1. I’ll be up in Seattle for an interview next week – I could be a doll and get you some VooDoo (granted, I don’t finish them if I get stuck in traffic coming up)

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