When I was in college, I inhaled pizza like it was my major. My favorite was always A Pizza Mart on University Avenue. I could have this stuff any time of day, and shamelessly ordered with a Student Special deal coupon every time. Many of my fondest college memories with best friends involve social chats and mishaps around some good A Pizza-pizza. A few years ago, I was ordering it to my condo so much that the pizza delivery man went so far as to call me a “regular customer.” I took a little break from A Pizza for a few years after that.

Recently, I convinced David (“convinced”) to order some with me after a night out on the Hill. Needless to say, the cheesy bread and pizza were exactly as I remember: salty, garlicy and delicious. My favorite night cap.


Leftover pizza for lunch.


Venus fly trap.


Chips and salsa.

Paradise Pet Lodge in Woodinville. Lifestyles of the rich and famous.. pets.

I spy a tiny black kitty.

Night out at Havana on Capitol Hill.

Local Starbucks’ barista-artist rendition of my name. not.

The Arctic Club Hotel.

Pioneer Square eats.


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