Recent eats.

Now that I start work pretty early in the day, I can usually get home before 5pm. However, I’m still used to eating dinner right after work, which means I finish eating at, um, 5:05pm. It’s all good and fine until 7pm rolls around and I’m wondering where dinner part 2 is. I’m trying to find a good way to handle the cravings. Eat dinner later? Eat multiple small meals? Resist?

For now, I just go ahead and indulge. C’est ma vie.


Close-close up of Monday breakfast at work. A little quiche and raspberry croissant.




My favorite dumplings from Sichuanese Cuisine.


Kung Pao Tofu.


Kung Pao Chicken (we couldn’t decide, so we ordered both..but ended up wishing we just ordered the Kung Pao Fish. Seriously).


Moussaka from Mediterranean Kitchen on First Hill.


Really, really good salmon from Mediterranean Kitchen.

Father’s Day lunch.

One of my favorite Asian pastries is Ma lai gao (sweet steamed cake). I’ve been having it since I was a child, and to this day, I still allow myself very liberal portion sizes of this stuff. I love it. That said, there is a Japanese version that can be bought at Uwajimaya or in Japan. When I visited the country a few years ago with my parents, I got a hold of one of these cakes and was dying to find more. One morning, we had plans to go sightseeing and meet in the hotel lobby beforehand. My dad showed up with a bag full of these cakes and simply handed them to me, saying, “eat, eat.” He proceeded to buy them for me at every stop where they were available. We went to Japan again this past February, and although years have passed since the last trip, dad made it a point to get me every type of Ma lai gao he could find. Although we may not catch-up as frequently as we should, it’s memories like this that truly endear him to me.

This year, we celebrated at Facing East for lunch. One of our favorite Taiwanese restaurants in Bellevue.

Painted Hills Beef short ribs in pepper sauce.

Stir fry of Chinese celery, dried beancurd and pork.

I feel horrible for not remembering this fish, and for not knowing the anatomy of fish as to try and make a guess. It was melt-in-your-mouth-delicious though.

Dry noodle mixed with sauce.

Bitter melon cooked with salted egg. This is my favorite.

Deep fried pork riblets.

Shaved ice with taro, large red bean, peanuts and condensed milk.


We’re going to Portland this weekend! I haven’t taken a train in Seattle yet, so it will be quite the adventure taking one there. Portland is smaller than Seattle and the vibe is different. So, it’s perfect for a weekend. Every one of my past visits involved good shopping and eating finds, so I’ve been saving calories and money for this trip. The restaurants I hope to visit include: Tasty n Sons, Pok Pok, Screen Door and Veritable Quandary. Given the abundance of food carts, little cafes and, um, Voodoo Doughnuts, I have a feeling I won’t have the appetite to try all of the places on my wish list. But I will try. Oh, yes, I will try.

Man shoes.

My new dip pen.

This block always reminds me of New York.

“Wow.” Agreed.

American flag.

Street art on First Hill.

Street art at the Olympic Sculpture Park.


Genki Sushi.

One of my favorite places to get sushi quick is Blue C Sushi. A few years ago, I noticed the $1.50 plates were eliminated and replaced with new $5+ plates. Although the selection and quality have improved exponentially with the price, the total bill is still much more than what I am used to. I started going to Genki Sushi  last year when it came to the Seattle area, but stopped because I felt like the quality was lacking. Thankfully, my faith was restored on a recent trip there for dinner. The quality and variety seem to have improved while prices have stayed the same. The portion sizes are modest, but perfect for trying different plates – especially when prices are a steal. Below are some of my favorites.

Spam and egg.

Pepper Tuna.


Seared Salmon.