Train ride.

We left for Portland on Friday and were able to enjoy some well-lit scenery because of Solstice. One highlight of the ride included seeing the nice parks and new developments at the Tacoma Waterfront. We’re making it a point to take a drive down there for a day, as we’ve never been before. Although the ride included a few stops and operated at a moderate pace (nothing too exhilarating), it was great to get to Portland early, if not right on time. Unlike driving, train traffic is nearly non-existent, and we often forget how little time we get, but want, to just stare out a window and gaze.

King Street Station.

Snack and hydration for the ride.

Jackson Street entrance.

Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Portland in 3 hours and 40 minutes(-).

Korean Sushi.

Welcome Aboard!

Puget Sound past Tacoma.

Sparkling water.

Shifting clouds.

Near Vancouver, WA.

Arriving in Portland.

More of Portland to come!

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