Recent eats.

Now that I start work pretty early in the day, I can usually get home before 5pm. However, I’m still used to eating dinner right after work, which means I finish eating at, um, 5:05pm. It’s all good and fine until 7pm rolls around and I’m wondering where dinner part 2 is. I’m trying to find a good way to handle the cravings. Eat dinner later? Eat multiple small meals? Resist?

For now, I just go ahead and indulge. C’est ma vie.


Close-close up of Monday breakfast at work. A little quiche and raspberry croissant.




My favorite dumplings from Sichuanese Cuisine.


Kung Pao Tofu.


Kung Pao Chicken (we couldn’t decide, so we ordered both..but ended up wishing we just ordered the Kung Pao Fish. Seriously).


Moussaka from Mediterranean Kitchen on First Hill.


Really, really good salmon from Mediterranean Kitchen.


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