A little cooking.

This post is basically my illustrated ode to broccoli. I am obsessed with it. On a side note, my mom just introduced me to Chayote, and I have been using it in stir fries and soups. The look of the gourd is kind of like a wrinkled green pear. The peel is inedible, so it requires meticulous peeling and chopping to get some good slices. Sometimes I chop it up into small pieces and drop it in ramen, or I will cut it into apple slices and do a quick saute with sesame oil and other veggies. Here is proof that I’m slowly getting back into cooking. Slowly, but surely.



Garlic, broccoli, eggs, peas and thank you.


Vegetable stir fry.


Fried rice of leftovers.

Close-up of my Chayote slices.


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