I wish I had time to cook more. Until then..

Breakfast at The Corner Cafe on First Hill. The place was crowded and the food was good, so I don’t know why the Yelp reviews are so low. The issue is likely service. It was spotty, but nothing horrible.

David’s Corner Scramble.

Corned Beef Hash.

One of my favorite-favorite restaurants is Yea’s Wok in Bellevue. I have been going there for over 15 years and anticipate many more decades of delicious meals at this place. It serves a mix of traditional Taiwanese and Chinese food, but it also does a great job making “classic American”-Chinese food. Go at off-meal times to avoid a wait.

Kong Xin Cai Beef and Satay Sauce.

Dried Beancurd stir fried with some exotic ingredients.


Wuxi Ribs.

I had one of my best meals this month at Hong Kong Bistro in the International District.

This Singapore Style Chow Fun was excellent. Seriously.

Shrimp and Chive Dumplings. The filling was substantial and the dough was thick and chewy – the best kind of dumpling.

Vegetable and Braised Tofu Stone Pot.


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