Happenings and finds.

Work starts early in the day and is busy, so I find myself only having time for interesting things on the weekends. After work, I’ve been trying to maximize catch-up time and get in bed early enough for minimal sleep. A few weeks ago I was overeating, oversleeping and not active enough. Now I walk four to five miles a day, and have to remind myself to eat lunch. I tend to always function in extremes and am constantly searching for some middle-ground.

On Friday, I ate an open container of Pringles out of my purse while walking home. Please hold me accountable for this kind of behavior.

No shame.

The details of my shirt.


Xu Bing Square Word Calligraphy. As a gift, David received a book about Xu Bing’s works.

In 1994, he launched the project ‘Square Word Calligraphy’ to create a fusion of English and Chinese writing systems. The idea was – according to the preamble of ‘An Introduction to Square Word Calligraphy’ – to transform ‘a linear phonetic system of writing’ into ‘a character system based on the square’ – which ‘may look very much like Chinese, but in fact is made up of Roman characters and phonetic’. –Xu Bing by Reiko Tomii.


“Men,” “nursery” and “women.” Try to read each block from top down.

More samples to come.

Mini Tiger Balm.


Extra, extra fine print.

Hello Kitty in the style of Kiss. Okay.

An assortment of Baijiu from China.


38% and 52% alcohol content levels. What.


Hot lemon water and Milk Thistle after Baijiu night.

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