We all got together Friday night for “pub golf” in Ballard. We started at The Sloop Tavern and basically got sidetracked when we discovered “karaoke Friday” at a dive on the way to our next destination. This group doesn’t turn down a chance to sing, dance and liven up an otherwise empty bar. It was a great night.

If you see this wizard once, you’ll see him everywhere around Seattle. Look up at phone poles.

The Sloop Tavern in Ballard.

Impromptu stop: Hamburger Harry’s.


Bar accoutrements.

Karaoke Fridays.


David downloaded a Zippo application on his phone for free (obviously). It made a lot of sense at the time.

His and hers.


King’s Hardware.

We basically stood in a circle around the heat lamps because they were that hot, yet necessary.


We ended the night at Ballard Pizza Company.

David got a slice of the Asparagus and Roasted Garlic Pizza. This picture is a horrible representation of how awesome it was.

Dum Dums.


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