Vintage finds.

David took me to Smith Tower in Pioneer Square for the first time this winter. Having been to the Space Needle observation deck about, um,  500 times with my family growing up, The Chinese Room & Observation Deck of Smith was a very refreshing change. The view is oriented more south-west that the Needle, so you really need to experience both to get a full picture of the city. The Columbia Tower Club is heralded with the “best view in Seattle,” but if you have issues with heights, or just don’t have the time or money to schmooze, Smith Tower is a much more accessible and comfortable alternative. You can see them side by side in this picture:

Smith Tower in the center and Columbia Tower to the right (black building).

On our walk in Pioneer Square last week, we also stopped by a vintage/antique shop called Assemblage’. I try to stop in any antique shops or estate sales that I come across, and this was one of the most low key I have been in. The man who I presume is the owner didn’t get out of his chair to greet us, but just said hello and continued reading his book, which is a great sign already. The pace is great for low-pressure browsing. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Pretty painting. This was one of many in a collection.


I love this bust plaque.


Small table decorated with painted tiles (there are two available with different colors).

I’m not sure what these contraptions are called, but I don’t see them too often.

Decanter and glasses.

Lamp with ink wells and holder for their corresponding pens.

Heavy duty scale for heavy duty things.


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