Good dines.

His versus hers. Mad Pizza on First Hill. The Caesar Salad and pasta are also good and a little better value than their pizza.

Bell Peppers and shrimp with a side of avocado.

Hardwok Cafe in the International District. This is one of our favorite Taiwanese restaurants, and it serves some truly authentic small eats (xiao chi).

Hey Song soda. This Taiwanese classic tastes a little bit like root beer.

Cucumber Salad.

Taiwanese Style Rice Flour Turnips.

Wonton soup.

Spiced Meat Sauce over Rice.

Lost Lake Cafe in Capitol Hill. The set up of the place is an open two room split between the cafe and the lounge. It can get busy, but I have never had to wait… for a seat. One thing of note is that the average wait time between ordering and getting your food is about 40 minutes (for now). So, be prepared and adjust your timing accordingly.  Aside from the wait, everything else is great. The servers are nice, the menu has a lot to offer and the food is really good.

Cuban Salad with pulled pork.

Blue Plate Meatloaf.

Potato Salad.


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