I just finished my latest Nook eBook, The Twelve by Justin Cronin (the second book in The Passage series), and have a backlog of other reads I need to start on. The Twelve  was 668 pages, and while I try to read one book at a time, this was a book I had to take a few breaks from. So, after almost six months, I can finally move on without guilt. Coincidentally, Dan Brown’s newest book Inferno was released the day before I finished The Twelve. Having read all of Brown’s previous works (Deception Point being my favorite), I may need to read Inferno before I can truly get to my backlog with a clear conscience.

Paint swatches at Pacific Supply Co. on Capitol Hill.

Painted sky on First Hill.

Egyptian Theatre on Capitol Hill.

The Container Store in Bellevue.

Painted hair: balayage.

Comet Tavern on Capitol Hill.

A Mini Cooper in my favorite shade of chartreuse.

A bold sweater.


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